with emerging market talent from Vietnam and Argentina, as well as established markets including India

Not Your Typical Outsource

We've Been There

We've learned the ropes of outsourcing the hard way, and doubled down on research to succeed

Canadian Owned

Zynim Inc. isn't a shell company for an offshore parent. It is 100% Canadian owned

The Legal

Our agreements, invoicing, banking, insurance, and management are all local to North America

Key Differentiators

For our Dedicated Vietnamese Teams

Get the best of your offshore team during scrum calls. Instead of meeting with your offshore team past their bedtime, or you waking up earlier than is good for you, you can meet with them at the start of their work day and the end of yours if you are on the Pacific coast. If you are on the East coast, the best meeting time would be after dinner for you.

There is strength in numbers. The ideal composition tends to be a complete team lead by one senior developer who empowers two juniors, while they are supported by a shared QA tester and project manager. As a contained functional unit, their collaboration keeps them productive while you sleep.

Our teams work together at the office, not work from home as most outsourcing does these days. This increases collaboration and support within each team.

Case studies

Through our primary venture, Wisebox Solutions Inc., and with support from the Digital Supercluster, we built and launched DirectFood.store and Chamber Market during the COVID era to quickly address time-sensitive issues

During this time, specific deliverables had to be outsourced due to a lack of local talent availability. Even though we couldn't use Supercluster funds for the outsourced development, the project's overall success was certainly worth the tradeoff

Typical costs for you to consider

Exact pricing will depend on the specific staff involved. Pricing here is for teams from Vietnam

One Halfstack Team (>3.5 FTE)
$ 15k
USD per month
  • $36k comparable if hired local!
  • Zynim Involved at Every Step
  • 1 Complete Development Team
  • Java or .NET or Angular or React
  • Frontend or Backend
  • 1 Senior Developer
  • 2 Junior Developers
  • 0.25 QA Tester and 0.25 PM
One Fullstack Team (>3.5 FTE)
$ 16k
USD per month
  • $38k comparable if hired local!
  • Zynim Involved at Every Step
  • 1 Complete Development Team
  • Java or .NET
  • Angular or React
  • 1 Senior Developer
  • 2 Junior Developers
  • 0.25 QA Tester and 0.25 PM
Unity or Unreal
Future or Gaming Team (>3.75 FTE)
$ 17k
USD per month
  • $42k comparable if hired local!
  • Zynim Involved at Every Step
  • 1 Complete Development Team
  • .NET or UnrealScript
  • Unity or Unreal
  • 1 Senior Developer
  • 2 Junior Developers
  • 0.5 QA Tester and 0.25 PM
How does the annual vs. monthly pricing work?

It takes time and additional costs for everyone involved to get a project up and running. By committing to a full year, we know the team will only have one onboarding, so we pass on those savings

What does Zynim's involvement look like?

We source the best team members with comprehensive testing. The big-picture PM remains with you, but we provide ongoing oversight with collaborative planning and mediation of any issues

What is a Future Team?

The Metaverse is coming, so even outside of the gaming industry, consider how you will handle the immersive experience tomorrow's customers will expect from you. This uses gaming tech for business.

How robust is your time reporting?

The time records of each team member are recorded live and to the minute, with the ability to track against multiple projects with sub-tasks, as well as assigning fixed "tags" shared across projects

What are the payment terms?

Fees are paid monthly in advance since the HR is committed and it takes time to transfer internationally. However, we don't release the fees to the developers until you sign off on the reporting

What about other technology stacks!?

The above are just examples of the most widely available skill sets. We are able to provide services for most major stacks, but note the cost may be slightly higher

We have tested many developers from a wide variety of global sources; technically and for English communication. Here are some test results of team leads from Vietnam, which are similar or better than senior developers tested here.


Real test results shown


Confidence in our teams

AI, Blockchain, Web3, Metaverse, Quantum...
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