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We are a potent team with a combined 124 years of experience, have written over one million lines of code (that would be ten million if not for Moxie.Build), and are keeping track of nearly a billion data points in today's live production systems.

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Human connections are unique still and a long way from being replaced. We highly value these connections even as we help you navigate the present and future worlds of AI, Blockchain, Web3, the Metaverse, Quantum, and beyond.

Colin Schmidt,
Founder, CEO

Colin Schmidt is a seasoned founder, COO, and CEO with a diverse background in technology companies and expertise as a system architect for a range of clients, including non-profits, startups, mid-sized companies, and global enterprises.

After publishing his first commercial software in 1995, an MS-DOS equestrian vaulting scoring system, he closed his first larger customer, Horse Council of BC in 1998. HCBC is still a customer of Wisebox Solutions today.

During the 2000s and in parallel to building what would become Wisebox, Colin built and sold a successful IT MSP division focused on IT infrastructure and security.

From 1998 to 2002 significant research time was spent on database architecture. Version 1.0 of what would become Moxie.Build went live for HCBC in 2003. It was one of the first in-memory relational databases. Today, Moxie.Build is a robust web/API development platform with a proven track record for marketplaces, eCommerce, and business process automation.

During his time at the University of the Fraser Valley, he completed co-op work terms for Boarder Customs and then Correctional Services of Canada which he stayed on with for an additional year after completing two co-op terms.

While serving as COO of i-Open Group, he oversaw all planning and operations for 30+ staff, launched eight new lines of business in three years, and managed the architecture and development of web and mobile apps using a wide range of technologies with both in-house and outsourced staff.

Starting in 2016, Colin started organizing local community tech events in Chilliwack, in partnership with the Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation, Community Futures South Fraser, and the University of the Fraser Valley to run a variety of ongoing meetups, Startup Hackathons, and Game Jams.

Colin is also an accomplished equestrian vaulter who has competed, coached, and judges at the international level and has led or served various boards and committees across equestrian sport.

Sungkyun (Aiden) Lee,
Partner, Lead Developer, Product Owner

Aiden Lee has played an integral role in the development for our largest enterprise solution, the MSALABS LIMS system, as well as Wisebox’s first SaaS solution, Stablebuzz and is a highly valued partner at Zynim.

Aiden Lee’s first position after graduating was with DevRadius in 2014 before joining Wisebox in 2016. He has completed over 10 large projects and is currently leading teams for MSALABS LIMS, Stablebuzz, and a number of SaaS solutions that are still in stealth mode.

After first completing three years of a computer science degree in Korea, Aiden came to Canada for ESL education with the intention of returning to complete his degree in Korea. However, he loved his experience at the University of the Fraser Valley and choose to finish his degree here instead, which he not only completed but made the Dean's List as well.

During his time with Wisebox, Aiden has participated as a Wisebox team member in each of our community startup hackathons and game jams, helping to lay the foundation for several ventures and three proof of concept games.

Jill Pagcaliwagan,
Partner, Lead Developer, Product Owner

Jill Pagcaliwagan has an impressive track record in software development, communications, and leadership, and is a highly valued partner at Zynim.

Jill started her journey with Wisebox in 2019 as a software developer and has since then grown to become the lead developer for Wisebox's marketplaces and next-gen membership platforms, such as DirectFood.store, Chamber Market, and the Chamber Platform. Her leadership has helped shape these platforms into the robust solutions they are today.

Jill is a graduate of the University of the Fraser Valley, where she completed her Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Systems and made the Dean's List. While at UFV, she worked as a Digital Designer for the Academic Success Centre before being hired by the Student Union Society as a Co-op student. She eventually became a Full Stack Website and Digital Communications Coordinator, which helped her sharpen her skills in web development and digital communication.

In 2018, Jill received an Honorable Mention at the Chilliwack.Tech Hackathon for leading a team in creating a web-based prototype of an Automated Academic Advisor. The project aimed to help students plan their programs ahead of time for graduation.

Aside from her work at Wisebox, Jill has also served as a Judge for the College Category of the National Robot Olympiad. Her responsibilities included running and timing the competition, as well as tracking points for each team. Later, she worked as a Web Developer for the NRO, creating new web applications and functions to accommodate new competitions.


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